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Tikly was launched in May 2011 by founder and CEO, Emma Peterson, after she recognized the need for artists, venues, and event organizers to have a channel to sell directly to their customer base instead of going through large corporations that charged exorbitant fees. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, on Silicon Sixth, Tikly is a ticketing platform that offers lower service fees, opens revenue streams for artists, venues, and organizations, and places event promotion back in the hands of the talent and event organizers. To learn more about Tikly please visit

Iowa State is an international, prestigious university with a friendly welcoming personality. More than 28,000 students choose from 100 majors, study with world-class scholars and hone their leadership skills in more than 800 student organizations. Iowa State offers a great environment where students can enjoy reaching their potential and discovering their passions. It's a culturally diverse student body with students from all 50 states and more than 110 countries. Learn more at

Cellcontrol is a technology company focused on the problem of preventing distracted driving caused by in-motion usage of cellular phones and other mobile devices, such as laptops, handhelds and tablets. Instead of using GPS to determine vehicle movement, Cellcontrol directly integrates with the vehicle's onboard diagnostics computer to determine motion and thus implement policy. Inappropriate usage of mobile devices while driving creates major safety and risk management problems for fleets and families. Cell phone policies against texting and driving do not work if they are not enforced. Find out more at

Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers and readers. They offer multi-format, DRM-free ebooks, ready for immediate sampling and purchase, and readable on any e-reading device. For readers, Smashwords provides an opportunity to discover new voices in all categories and genres of the written word. For authors and publishers, Smashwords offers complete control over sampling, pricing and marketing of their written words. For more information please visit

Caleris operates three Business Process Outsourcing centers in Iowa specializing in inbound technical and helpdesk services, customer care solutions, content moderation, and back-office processing services. Caleris has been recognized for its initiative for creating IT support job opportunities in America while so many are outsourcing offshore. For more information about Caleris, please visit

Jim Stickley is an internationally renowned ID theft and security expert, as well as co-founder and CTO of longtime Freestyle client TraceSecurity. He has appeared on the NBC �Today� show numerous times speaking about the threat of identity theft, underscored by his social engineering engagements, whereby banks and other financial institutions hire Stickley to perform vulnerability audits of their organizations. He is also author of the book Truth About Identity Theft. For more information about Jim Stickley, please visit

Alliance Technologies, Inc. is a full-service technology provider established in 1994 to provide businesses with solutions for software development and licensing, Web development, network management, IT staffing and IT management. By providing a broad range of services, Alliance offers an unrivaled suite of solutions to businesses within numerous industries. For more information about the company, please visit

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